UFO Vs Linear High Bay Lights

Lighting warehouses can be challenging due to their high ceilings. They need uniform, glare-free light to make their work productive and efficient.

UFO LED lights can be an excellent choice for this purpose.

Linear high bay lights, also known as panel-style, are long in shape. They have an elongated diode arrangement and are considered an ideal replacement for traditional fluorescent T5HO and T8 high bays.

Advantages of UFO

Whether you want to illuminate warehouses, workshops, or indoor parking lots, UFOs are an excellent choice. The round shape of this type of high bay light makes it easy to install and provides a brighter output. They also have better heat dissipation, making them more durable than other types of high bay lights.

UFO LED high bay lights are a great option for illuminating spaces with high ceilings (20′ – 45′). These fixtures have flat integral aluminum housing optics and don’t rely on multiple reflectors to distribute enough light to a given area. They can be easily installed with a hook loop or bracket. In addition, they have a long lifespan and low energy cost, making them the best alternative to traditional metal-halide lighting.

These lights don’t emit a harsh glare, which is important for people who work in the area. They are also easier on the eyes than traditional HID lighting, which can create strobing that pinches the vision. UFO LED lights are also a lot easier on the environment. They use less electricity to produce the same amount of lumens and don’t produce as much carbon dioxide.

Another advantage of these lights is that they can be commissioned to turn on and off automatically. This saves energy and reduces your maintenance costs. This feature is especially helpful in areas where there’s a lot of traffic, such as airports, warehouses, or factories.

Additionally, these lights don’t require a ballast, which eliminates the need for regular replacements. They are also resistant to vibrations, shocks, and extreme temperatures, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. They’re a good alternative to traditional metal-halide lights and are available in different shapes, sizes, lumen outputs, and color temperatures. They’re also UL and ETL Classified/Recognized, RoHS Compliant, and DLC Premium Listed. They’re the perfect choice for industrial facilities, retail stores, sports arenas, and other large indoor or outdoor areas.

Advantages of Linear

The main advantage of linear high bays is their ability to illuminate larger areas more efficiently. They do this by reducing energy consumption and saving you money on electricity bills. This makes them a good option for warehouses and large industrial facilities with high ceilings. They also provide an even light distribution, mitigating dark spots and overly bright areas. This helps reduce eye strain and enhances productivity.

Another reason why linear LED high bay lights are a great choice for commercial and industrial settings is their low cost. These fixtures are more affordable than their HID counterparts, meaning that you can save money on replacement costs and maintenance expenses. Additionally, they are rated at an average of 100 lumens per watt, which means that you can get a lot of light from just one fixture.

They are also very easy to install since they don’t require complex wiring or other installation methods. This makes them a good replacement for existing fixtures in your facility. You can also control their brightness to suit different tasks and times of the day. This allows you to make the most out of your lighting system and maximize its efficiency.

Lastly, linear high bays offer an excellent glare control. This is because they don’t emit light from a single point like other high bays do. This reduces glare and prevents workers from being distracted or making mistakes due to poor visibility.

Linear LED high bays are a great solution for high-ceiling establishments, warehouses, convention centers, parking garages, and more. They can slash energy costs in these spaces by as much as 25%. They also help lower maintenance and replacement costs by increasing the amount of time between lamp replacements. Moreover, they are also a great choice for sports facilities as they can improve the quality of lighting in gymnasiums and recreation centers, arenas, and other indoor venues.

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