A UFO House For Sale in Euclid, Ohio

Previously used as a beach cottage, Girl Scout meeting house and even a hot dog stand, the UFO attracts visitors from all over. Reynolds greets guests in his racing suit and green alien mask and is happy to answer questions about the other-worldly home.

Only 100 Futuro homes were made in the 1960s, and this one in Royse City is one of fewer than 60 remaining worldwide. The property is listed for $360,000.

Buying a UFO House

A Euclid-based fiberglass company hopes to enter the tiny home market by bringing back to life a unique UFO house design. Designed by a Finnish engineer in the 1960s and 1970s, Futuro houses were marketed as ski chalets, prefab homes and off-grid dwellings. But criticisms such as windows that didn’t open and perceptions about plastic at the time limited their production to only 100 units.

In a small coastal town on New Zealand’s South Island, an exceptionally rare UFO-shaped prefab known as the Futuro House is currently for sale. Designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, this two-bedroom-one-bath vacation property is a one-of-a-kind.

When the Outer Banks’ own Futuro House burned to the ground last year, it touched a nerve in millions of people across the globe. The home was a beloved icon for generations of visitors, and the loss was felt far beyond Frisco. But now, with the help of local residents and a national foundation, the UFO is coming back from the ashes.

Buying a Futuro House

EUCLID, Ohio — A Euclid-based fiberglass company hopes to enter the tiny home market by bringing back to life a distinctive UFO house design. Futuro homes, also known as UFO houses, were originally designed by a Finnish engineer and built in the 1960s and 70s. They were intended as portable ski chalets, but their flawed design, including windows that didn’t open and negative perceptions about plastic at the time, led to only about 100 being produced.

Walsh bought hers, which has built-in seating and a spaceship-style hatch door as an entrance, four years ago to use as a vacation home in the small coastal town of Warrington in New Zealand’s South Island. She is now selling it, but only to a buyer who will treat it with care and keep it in the same location.

Futuro houses are rare, but a few still exist in places like New Jersey and Estonia. A fan site called the Futuro House Registry keeps track of those that remain and includes Walsh’s, as well as one in South Morang, Victoria, that has been used for more than 25 years as a go-kart track storage unit.

Buying a Spaceship House

For those who dream of living in a house that resembles a flying saucer, there’s a rare UFO-shaped home on the market. Located in Signal Mountain, the round concrete house is called “Hangar 18.” It’s up for sale again this year after being sold at auction in March.

Designed in the late ’60s by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, these unique dwellings are known as Futuro houses. They’ve become cult designs and are still found around the world. One is now on the market in New Zealand and is attracting interest from sci-fi fans and architecture aficionados.

The owners of this futuristic-looking home say it’s built to withstand hurricane-force winds. That’s because the walls are round instead of straight. That way, the wind hits it in a different direction and doesn’t push against it as hard. And, they say, it makes for a cozy, comfortable home. The asking price is $1.8 million. The home is just a short distance from the coast and near a lake.

Buying a Saucer House

When it comes to buying a saucer house, there are some things to keep in mind. The main concern is that these homes can be difficult to furnish because of their round shapes and lack of right angles. Additionally, they may not be suitable for those who need access to a bathroom with a walk-in shower or other amenities that are typically found in traditional houses.

In addition to these concerns, buyers of UFO houses should consider the energy costs and utility requirements of these structures. In some cases, the curved design of these structures can lead to more energy loss than other homes.

In addition, these homes often require more maintenance than other buildings because of their unique construction. In some cases, owners may find it necessary to install special appliances in order to make these homes safe for living. Additionally, the rounded nature of these structures can lead to issues with the ability to install plumbing.

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